Ishtar Immagini – An Establishment That Suits All

Ishtar Immagini is a relatively new Goa beach club that caters to all kinds of people, from the business people who come here for meetings and other formal events to the bathers. The club is at Sunburnt Fort, in Marine Drive, which is just a short distance away from Colva Beach.

ishtar immagini

There are two entrances to Sunburnt Fort. One leads into the beach club area and the other into the interior. All members are asked to show ID when they enter the interior portion of the building.

Inside, you will find an ambience and atmosphere that are unlike any other beach club in the country. The decor is eclectic and beautiful, with clean white walls, concrete floors, and several themed areas. Some of the themes include Indian, Etruscan, African, and Africa-themed booths.

Are you one of the many people who feel overwhelmed by the size of these establishments, only to find that the decor of Ishtar Immagini is so breathtaking? Well, you are right about the size of the room. But the rest of the atmosphere is unmatched.

The ambience of Ishtar Immagini is absolutely magical. For instance, there is a large TV above the entrance that plays movies and other types of entertainment, which you can then return to enjoy while you lounge around or take a dip in the pool. Another feature of the space is the smoking area.

However, it is the amount of space that is given to the members at Ishtar Immagini that really impresses me. It has a bar area that holds a total of ten tables, eight of which are large so that the guests can get their drinks without having to stand up. As well, there is a small snack area where they serve great snacks like potato chips and chocolates.

The amount of space that you have been truly amazing. After all, when you join a club in India, it is expected that you are able to enjoy the best of what the country has to offer. When you consider the fact that Sunburnt Fort is located in an area that is surrounded by so many other beach clubs, the club gives you the opportunity to breathe in all the smells and sounds that you have come to expect from all the places that you have visited in the country. It is no wonder that all the members at Ishtar Immagini love it so much.

In addition to that, they have an air conditioner installed in the place for the convenience of the members. This is truly an extraordinary amenity. Many beach clubs in India cannot afford this kind of luxury.

The quality of the music that you listen to is really extraordinary; I love the sounds of the loud bass, the thin sound of electric guitars, and the deep rumble of drums. In short, the sound is so great that it would make you forget that you are in a club.

If you do not know about clubs in India, you should know that these clubs come in all shapes and sizes. They range from small and informal to very formal and elite. In fact, the Ishtar Immagini is among the most elite of all the beach clubs in the country.

The club also serves as a meeting point for the right kind of people, the kind who are just looking for a fun, sociable kind of club where they can mingle and talk with people and exchange views and opinions. This makes for a great environment, in which people go out of their way to make your stay at the club as comfortable as possible. Well, if you would like to try out some kind of a new club, try out Ishtar Immagini. It is certainly one of the best beach clubs in the country.